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Looking for old bus photos, especially vintage Greyhound Silversides and Scenicruisers? If you love old buses, historic public transport vehicles, are looking for engine or body parts for an old bus or are a transit buff, then you have found your new home! At, bus drivers and bus fans can see pictures of vintage buses whether they be American transit, intercity, British doubledeckers, historic restored coaches or custom bus RV conversions.

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1958 Leyland Olympic bus still in service in 21st century Cuba!
1958 Leyland Olympic bus still in service in 21st century Cuba

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United States & the Americas

bus driver by 1950 GM TG3101 U.S. Army Bus 1959 GMC PD4104-4073 Bus Conversion
1948 Marmon Herrington - Ford Model 8MB
1960 General Motors Coach PD 4104 - Capital Bus Company - Birmingham, Alabama
1946 Ford Model 79B Transit Bus - Detroit Street Railway System
1952 GM PD-4103 restored Central Jersey Motorcoach Co.
1952 GM PD-4103 ex-Greyhound - Frozen in time
1970 General Motors P8M-4905A Chevrette Buffalo Deck Bus
1956 GM PD-4501 Scenicruiser in South America
1958 GM Transit Bus Conversion to Catering Truck
1958 GM PD-4104 RV Conversion in Progress
1965 General Motors TDH 4519 Bergen Ave Bus, Jersey City, New Jersey
1951 Brill Bus Motorhome Conversion
1958 General Motors TGH-3102 | CR and L Bridgeport, Connecticut
1948 Beck Bus
1954 Flxible - Harran Transit of West Babylon, NY
Los Angeles Metro Rapid New Flyer Articulated Bus with Rear Wheel Skirts
1950 GM TG-3101 U.S. Army Bus
1951 Prevost Panoramique Restored Bus
Leyland Olympic EL44.5 (1970s Cuba)
1951 General Motors PGA-3301 Ex-Army Bus
1952 Mack C-45DT Bus Builder Photos
Rochester Transit Mack C-45DT Buses
Rochester Transit General Motors TDH-4509 and TDH-3712 Buses
1957 GM Transit bus - Rochester, New York
Nova RTS & Man Buses in Puerto Rico
Bus Collection: 1957 GM 4104, 1948 4151 and 1948 3751 Silversides
1941 General Motors / Yellow Coach PG2505 Bus
1948 GM PD4151 Greyhound Silverside Bus
General Motors Old Look Bus In A Field
1946 Kaiser Santa Fe Articulated Bus In Denver, Colorado
1954 GMC Old Look @ Trolley Museum in Windsor, CT
1958 Leyland Olympic Buses In Cuba
Leyland Doubledecker: Tweed Line Tours Victoria B.C a.k.a. Grayline Tours
1935-36 Vintage Fageol / Twin Coach
1959 Leyland Olympic in Cuba

United Kingdom

Restored 1949 Leyland Motors Doubledecker - Potteries Motor Traction Company of Stoke on Trent Last Day of Routemasters on Route 38 - 28th October 2005
1969 Bristol RELH6G Bus - Royal Blue | Southern National
1949 Leyland Motors Doubledecker - Potteries Motor Traction Company of Stoke on Trent


Carrus with Volvo engine Swebus rummimg from Oslo, Norway to Stockholm, Sweden 1961 London Transport Routemaster RM798 | 1964 Leyland PD2 Titan | 1981 Leyland Atlantean
Gräf & Stift | STEYR Trolleybus (Austria)
MAN NL243 LPG (Austria) Graef & Stift | Wiener Linien
Swebus Megaliner | Setra Buses
Carrus | Swebus Express
1947-50 ZIS-154 Russian Made Old Look Bus

Australia & New Zealands

1950 Ford Seddon Pennine MK V1HR with Mulliner type B30F body Leyland RV Conversion Bus in Australia
M.A.N. 16.230 Stagecoach Auckland Buses
1950 Ford Bus In New Zealand
M.A.N. SL242 Articulated Bus - Stagecoach Auckland - New Zealand
1958 (?) White Super Power Bus (Australia)
Hino RG 197 with a PMC 160 body (Australian Bus)

Asia & Africa

1959 Chevrolet Viking Bus in Nepal made by Hindustan Motors running from Kathmandu to Amlekhgunj 1959 Chevrolet Viking Bus - Nepal Transport

Since 1996, countless enthusiasts have graciously submitted photographs of buses from around the world. I am awed and humbled by the overwhelming amount of people who love to share their photos with everyone. Thank you so much! If you have pictures to share, e-mail your scanned photos along with a description to: webmaster "AT"