Charleston Transit (West Virginia) Bus Photos From 1940s-1950s

November 16, 1998

The following photo(s) are © copyrighted by David Hudson (USA)

David kindly sent in the following photos taken during the 1940s and early 1950s. His father worked for Charleston Transit of West Virginia.

The above picture is from 1940-41 inside the old "car barn" this used to be the trolley storage and repair. The last trolley ran in 1939.

Watch out, I'm coming through! Bus #117 You said you liked to imagine what the driver thought? By the look on the face of Mr. Cooley, who was the head of maintance at that time, the driver better be thinking of leaving the country. Photo taken around 1942-43

Bus 118, no these were not convicts inspite of the bars on the windows. These came off in the next few years and were there to keep passengers from sticking arms out windows.

Bus 310 Can you, or any of the visitors, help identify this bus for me? I think these were Flxibles probally about 1939 or slightly earlier.

All aboard! Here is bus #316 I would like to have this one now neat little bus. Taken 1940-41.

This photo was taken in front of the steps of the West Virginia State Capital. Date and event unkown.

Wide view of the Charleston garage. his photo was taken in front of the previously mentioned car barn.

Dad and Bus were photographed in front of the new garage opened in 1950. This photo was used by AC spark plugs in a magazine ad for spark plugs inspite of what I believe to be a diesel bus.

A big thank you goes out to David for sharing these wonderful photos with all of us. It's such a strange feeling to look at these. What a different era in American history. It looks all so innocent even though WWII was going on at the time.


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James Butler | Dec 01, 2010 | 9:45 am

What color were the Charleston Transit Co. busses in the mid 1950s?



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