1952 Prevost PO 141-1094-52 Valleyfield City Transit (Canada)

Dec. 28, 1996

Jacques Matte of Quebec QC CANADA

The following photo(s) are © copyrighted by Jacques Matte.

- Photo location: 3 eme Rang Deschambeault Quebec Canada

- Date: 96 april 18

- Builder : PREVOST CAR Ste-Claire Quebec Canada

- Model: PO 141-1094-52

- Serial No: 17830

- Built; 1952 mars

- Engine: International Red Diamond 455 cu.inch (gaz)

- Transmission: 5 speed (floor) modified with electric Roxcell device (1985)

- Dimensions Average: lenght 33 feets, wide: 7,6 feets, Hight: 9 feets, 33/37 passenger depending on seats configuration- mine is a 35 passenger.
- Originaly built for Valleyfield City Transit, never reached that city due to the bankruptcy of the Transit Compagny
- Original owner: Autobus Drolet from Ancienne-Lorette (Suburb west of Quebec City) as no. 48. Retired from city service when Autobus Drolet was sold to Autocar Voyageur in 1976 but still in school duty in Autobus Scolaires Drolet until change in the school transportation regulation in 1985. Modified as motor home and used as this up to 1989. I find it in the field in 1990, and one of the main interesting aspect of it was a complete gaz engine still in running condition and a integral construction (frameless). I used it as a camper until 1995. I contact the Canadian Transit Héritage Foundation who where willing to preseve it. The main aspect to the preservation is: it is the only Prevost Citadin to be known still in running condition in North America. I was able to find some 1954 GMC Oldlook seats to fill in and they will suffice because PREVOST CAR is a custom builder, so you can put almost anything from 1950's in that bus and it will look right.

About the PREVOST CAR COMPANY: Eugene Prevost was a furniture maker and in 1924, he built his first bus body to accomodate a friend from a nearby township who needed a bus to carry the workers. They evolved to complete framed bus in 1936. In 1948 it is the introduction of the rear engine,integral construction. In 1951 they have the Citadin/Suburbain and the Interurbain model currently in production;lenght range from 28 to 35 feets. All custom designed to meet the different requirements off the owner.

1952 Prevost PO 141-1094-52

In 1957 Eugene Prevost sold his factory to the Normand familly who keep the trade name PREVOST. They expanded the factory and introduced a new range of interurban coaches as they drop the transit bus assembly lines. The new model was knows as TRAVELLETTE (28 feet) and TRAVELLER (35 feet) two axles coaches. In 1964 they introduced the LE NORMAND coach (40 feet) two axles. To compette the MC-8 , the CHAMPION was introduced in 1972, upgrade as LE PRESTIGE in 1979 to finish with le MIRAGE in 1983. In 1984, to open a new market, they introducced the illfated XL MARATHON (102 inches wide) the second after the MC-6 to be so wide. In 1988. after five years of reseach, came the H5-60 articullated H--Hight (12 feets) 5-- 5 axles , 60-- 60 foot long. Then, the desing evolve to H3-40 in 1991 to H3-41 and H3-45 as the road regulations where modified in 1993. Today, PREVOST CAR production include H3-41, H3-45, LE MIRAGE 41 and LE MIRAGE 45 as standard coach and luxury liners and MOTOR HOME in shell form to be customized to the request of the owners. The power plant used is mostly D.D serie 60; but you can have whatever you need. The production of the articullated H5-60 was halted when the road regulation permitting 45 foot coach was passed. PREVOST CAR was sold to VOLVO of Sweden last year. Volvo are expanding their U.S. market and PREVOST is strong in the coach building. Also, it keep 1000 jobs (direct) runing and they plan to expand the production from 650 coaches-year today to 1000 coaches-years by the end of 1997, adding an other shift of production (more or less 500 jobs). There is also rumors about re-entering the transit bus field with VOLVO components but it is a rumor. I was able to get the driver training that VOYAGEUR was giving to their drivers on the H5-60 (8 hours) in 1988 and I was able to drive both LE MIRAGE and H5-60 and recently the H3-45; compared with MCI MC-9, MC-10 and Eagle 10 that I was able to try,and the G.M.C. Newlook, M.C.I/NovaBus Classic transit I drive every day, PREVOST coaches are a Cadillac compared with a fair Chevrolet.

Please note that the above photo, text, its contents and opinions are of the original author. Thanks to Mr. Matte for his very informative contribution.


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Ray | Sep 07, 2006 | 3:44 pm

I own a 1971 Prévost by Sunliner.

Any idea about my Rv? Never saw another one like it!

Jacques Matte | Oct 12, 2006 | 4:12 am

Correction about the Citadin
engine: International Red Diamons 450 Gaz.
Transmission: Fuller 5A with electric magnet on the reverse, 1,2 an 3
direct for the 4 and 5 speeed.
The seats frame are original Prevost.
It was restored under the control of the Sainte-Claire Patrimonial Society,the bus is actually completedly reconstruct, with the help of volunters who are retired employes of Prevost Car. It is in running condition.

That model was introduced in 1949, with 3 lenght, 28,35 and 40 feet.
that Citadin is 35 long, with seat for 37 pass.

... for more info and pictures:

Dennis Brooks | Oct 20, 2011 | 11:51 am

I own a 1952 Prevost with the origal RD 406 engine and fuller trans. the one I have is 28' and is currently being restored...should be in use by sept. 2112..


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