Buses In the USA, Canada, Caribbean and South America - Vintage Bus Listing

1935 Ford Custom School Bus
1959 GMC PD4104-4073 Bus Conversion
1948 Marmon Herrington - Ford Model 8MB
1960 General Motors Coach PD 4104 - Capital Bus Company - Birmingham, Alabama
1946 Ford Model 79B Transit Bus - Detroit Street Railway System
1952 GM PD-4103 restored Central Jersey Motorcoach Co.
1952 GM PD-4103 ex-Greyhound - Frozen in time
1970 General Motors P8M-4905A Chevrette Buffalo Deck Bus
1956 GM PD-4501 Scenicruiser in South America
1958 GM Transit Bus Conversion to Catering Truck
1958 GM PD-4104 RV Conversion in Progress
1965 General Motors TDH 4519 Bergen Ave Bus, Jersey City, New Jersey
1951 Brill Bus Motorhome Conversion
1958 General Motors TGH-3102 | CR and L Bridgeport, Connecticut
1948 Beck Bus
1954 Flxible - Harran Transit of West Babylon, NY
Los Angeles Metro Rapid New Flyer Articulated Bus with Rear Wheel Skirts
1950 GM TG-3101 U.S. Army Bus
1951 Prevost Panoramique Restored Bus
Leyland Olympic EL44.5 (1970s Cuba)
1951 General Motors PGA-3301 Ex-Army Bus
1952 Mack C-45DT Bus Builder Photos
Rochester Transit Mack C-45DT Buses
Rochester Transit General Motors TDH-4509 and TDH-3712 Buses
1957 GM Transit bus - Rochester, New York
Nova RTS & Man Buses in Puerto Rico
Bus Collection: 1957 GM 4104, 1948 4151 and 1948 3751 Silversides
1941 General Motors / Yellow Coach PG2505 Bus
1948 GM PD4151 Greyhound Silverside Bus
General Motors Old Look Bus In A Field
1946 Kaiser Santa Fe Articulated Bus In Denver, Colorado
1954 GMC Old Look @ Trolley Museum in Windsor, CT
1958 Leyland Olympic Buses In Cuba
Leyland Doubledecker: Tweed Line Tours Victoria B.C a.k.a. Grayline Tours
1935-36 Vintage Fageol / Twin Coach
1959 Leyland Olympic in Cuba
1929 Ford AA School Bus - 1948 Ford Pickup Truck Converted to Hot Rod School Bus
1950s Leyland Royal Tiger - Autobuses Metropolitanos SA (Havana, Cuba)
Charlottesville Transit Service | Safety Motors Transit Company GMC 3501 | Commonwealth Coach and Trolley Museum
1952 Western Flyer Bus to RV Conversion
1962 Prevost Bus RV Conversion
1950s General Motors GM Model PG 3302 U.S. Army Bus
1930s Yellow Coach 740 Transit Bus
Leyland Olympic Bus (Cuba)
Greyhound | Carolina Trailways MCI Buses
1960 General Motors GM TDH-5301 Winnipeg Transit | 1976 GM T6H-5307N Edmonton Transit #638
General Motors Futureliner Bus
1960s General Motors Coach PD-4905 Onda - Uruguay
1954 General Motors PD 4104 Bus RV Conversion
1944 General Motors Coach TG 3609 - ex-US Navy Bus
1960 General Motors GM TDH4517 Fishbowl - Delaware Coach Company
1954 General Motors Coach GMC PD-4501 Scenicruiser - Modified Rear End Gears
1967 General Motors Fishbowl Bus - Harran Transportation (West babylon, NY)
1982 General Motors Fishbowl - New York Bus Service
1960s General Motors GMC PD-4106 - Brown's Limousine New York City
Photos of General Motors Fishbowl Bus Being Rebuilt - Sherwood Park Alberta Canada
2000 Dennis Trident Double-Decker - BC Transit in Victoria
MCI Courier 96 4 cyl. diesel | Flyer (Vancouver Island Coach Lines)
1960 Continental Trailways Articulated Golden Eagle
1978 Flxible 45096 City Transit Bus Rockford Illinois Transit System
1950 General Motors Coach GM PD 3704 Bus
1955 General Motors GM Coach PD-4501 Scenicruiser RV Conversion
1964 Leyland Olympic - Havana, Cuba
1960 TDH-5301 Winnipeg Transit (Manitoba, Canada)
1989 F850 Ford - Thompson 72 Passenger Schoolbus
Flxible Pittsburgh Transit
1958 GM TDH5108-323. Ex-Public Service of New Jersey M764
1957 GM TDH5106-1326. Ex-Interstate Transit of Babylon (Long Island), NY
General Motors Coach GMC 4095 Buffalo Bus
1954 Scenicruiser PD4501 R Motor Yacht Highway Cruiser
1950 General Motors Coach GM TDH 3612
1960 General Motors PD-4104 Bus RV Conversion
1950s New York City Prototype Old Look and 1965 Checker Taxi-Cab
Flxible and Prevost Le Mirage Country Coach RV Conversion
Charleston Transit (West Virginia) Bus Photos From 1940s-1950s
Various Seattle Bus Photos Taken in 1967 (1956 TDH 5105, 1940 Twin Coach GWFT Trolleybus...)
Fifth Avenue Omnibus GM Doubledecker | 1956 Mack | 1950's GM Old Look Prototype with AC Vents in New York City
Greyhound MC-7 Bus in San Luis Obispo, California
1983 GMC New Look T6H 5307N - Toronto Transit Commission
Photos of BC Transit Buses - (MCI Classic, AM General, Flyer E-902 Trolleybus, GM Fishbowl) Vancouver, Canada
1954 General Motors GMC PD-4501 Greyhound Scenicruiser
1970 General Motors - GMC T6H 5305 Fishbowl and 1958 TDH-3502
1968 General Motors Bus GM PD-4903-089 - Public Service Coordinated Transportation of New Jersey
1952 General Motors Coach GM PD-4103 SERIAL #-934 - Asbury Park-New York Transit Corp
1958 GM TGH-3102-824 (Virginia School Bus)
1960 General Motors PD-4104-4503 - Greyhound Lines
1975 GMC T8H-5307A-2821 Bus #804 - San Diego Transit
Public Service Bus Garage in Hackensack New Jersey 1950s Photos of Buses
Sante Fe Trails Bus Stop Sign
GM TDH 4519 Fishbowl New Looks From Regional Transit Services
1954 General Motors Coach GMC PD-4501 Scenicruiser From Range Riders
1963 General Motors Coach GM PD-4106 Bus - RV Conversion
GMC Buffalo Deck After Losing Its Wheels (Night Express Drum and Bugle Corps- Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
1968 Gillig 501-12 School Bus RV Conversion
Buses of the Queen City Metro (Cincinati, Ohio) Transit System
1952 Prevost PO 141-1094-52 Valleyfield City Transit (Canada)
1959 Mack MV-620-D Demo Bus for Greyhound Bus Lines
1951 Fitz John FTG-WXLD Cityliner Wolf's Bus Lines, York Springs, Pennsylvania
1959 General Motors Coach (GMC) TDM-4515 Old Look Lakeland Bus Lines, NJ
Flxible Clipper | Capitol Bus Company
1950s Capital Trailways General Motors Coach (GMC) PD4104
General Motors Coach (GMC) 1958 PD-4104 and 1968 PD 4903

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Daron Die Cast Yellow School Bus