American Bus Photos - Vintage Bus Listing

1929 Ford AA School Bus - 1948 Ford Pickup Truck Converted to Hot Rod School Bus

1930s Yellow Coach 740 Transit Bus

1935 Ford Custom School Bus

1935-36 Vintage Fageol / Twin Coach

1941 General Motors / Yellow Coach PG2505 Bus

1944 General Motors Coach TG 3609 - ex-US Navy Bus

1946 Ford Model 79B Transit Bus - Detroit Street Railway System

1946 Kaiser Santa Fe Articulated Bus In Denver, Colorado

1948 Beck Bus

1948 GM PD4151 Greyhound Silverside Bus

1948 Marmon Herrington - Ford Model 8MB

1950 General Motors Coach GM PD 3704 Bus

1950 General Motors Coach GM TDH 3612

1950 GM TG-3101 U.S. Army Bus

1950s Capital Trailways General Motors Coach (GMC) PD4104

1950s General Motors GM Model PG 3302 U.S. Army Bus

1950s Leyland Royal Tiger - Autobuses Metropolitanos SA (Havana, Cuba)

1950s New York City Prototype Old Look and 1965 Checker Taxi-Cab

1951 Brill Bus Motorhome Conversion

1951 Fitz John FTG-WXLD Cityliner Wolf's Bus Lines, York Springs, Pennsylvania

1951 General Motors PGA-3301 Ex-Army Bus

1951 Prevost Panoramique Restored Bus

1952 General Motors Coach GM PD-4103 SERIAL #-934 - Asbury Park-New York Transit Corp

1952 GM PD-4103 ex-Greyhound - Frozen in time

1952 GM PD-4103 restored Central Jersey Motorcoach Co.

1952 Mack C-45DT Bus Builder Photos

1952 Prevost PO 141-1094-52 Valleyfield City Transit (Canada)

1952 Western Flyer Bus to RV Conversion

1954 Flxible - Harran Transit of West Babylon, NY

1954 General Motors Coach GMC PD-4501 Scenicruiser - Modified Rear End Gears

1954 General Motors Coach GMC PD-4501 Scenicruiser From Range Riders

1954 General Motors GMC PD-4501 Greyhound Scenicruiser

1954 General Motors PD 4104 Bus RV Conversion

1954 GMC Old Look @ Trolley Museum in Windsor, CT

1954 Scenicruiser PD4501 R Motor Yacht Highway Cruiser

1955 General Motors GM Coach PD-4501 Scenicruiser RV Conversion

1956 GM PD-4501 Scenicruiser in South America

1957 GM TDH5106-1326. Ex-Interstate Transit of Babylon (Long Island), NY

1957 GM Transit bus - Rochester, New York

1958 General Motors TGH-3102 | CR and L Bridgeport, Connecticut

1958 GM PD-4104 RV Conversion in Progress

1958 GM TDH5108-323. Ex-Public Service of New Jersey M764

1958 GM TGH-3102-824 (Virginia School Bus)

1958 GM Transit Bus Conversion to Catering Truck

1958 Leyland Olympic Buses In Cuba

1959 General Motors Coach (GMC) TDM-4515 Old Look Lakeland Bus Lines, NJ

1959 GMC PD4104-4073 Bus Conversion

1959 Leyland Olympic in Cuba

1959 Mack MV-620-D Demo Bus for Greyhound Bus Lines

1960 Continental Trailways Articulated Golden Eagle


Categories of Vintage Buses and Coaches

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